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When I do what I love the world loves me

Beejal Coulson is the Creator and Founder of Quantum Life Technique, Founder of Quantum Life Technique Training Academy and Clinical Hypnotherapist based in the UK. 
She began her career in Academia / Education almost 25 years ago and pursued her role successfully as a University Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Psychology for 21 years before she experienced a major life transition 5 years ago. She went on to  train live with world renowned Marisa Peer in Rapid Transformational Therapy, being one of her top 100 pioneer therapists in the world and dedicated herself to her new vocation building a thriving clinical practice treating clients from all over the world with chronic medical  and mental health conditions. Through her own health transformation, fascination with the Quantum world and Neuroscience, being deeply inspired by the teachings for 2 decades of so many in the personal development field she created an incredible modality called Quantum Life Technique. She has recently founded Quantum Life Technique Training Academy so she can train others to spread the magic of helping people raise consciousness across the globe. 

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